Compliance and Governance

Company  Governance

Healthy Balance is the trading name of Healthy Balance Clinics Ltd. Company number 04485067 registered in England and Wales. We adhere to a policy of complete transparency in our compliance and governance so that patients understand who is shaping their healthcare experience. See also Who + Why? and FAQs





Complaints Procedure

There are differing complaints procedures depending on whether you have received medical treatment from Healthy Balance or via the NHS via eReferral service. In both instances, please do contact Tracey James as immediately as possible.

How do I make a complaint about a service I have received as a private patient at Healthy Balance?

How do I make a complaint about an NHS service I have received at Healthy Balance?


Practitioner registration with statutory bodies

All practitioners at Healthy Balance are audited to ensure that they have current registration and professional indemnity insurance in place. 

Care Quality Commission

Healthy Balance is registered and continually assessed by the Care Quality Commission. The CQC aims to safeguard patients by identifying any areas of weakness in a medical service, its practices and facilities. To download and read our full report click here.

Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Patient notes

Healthy Balance keeps patient medical data carefully in line with the Data Protection Act protocols and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office as advised by the Care Quality Commission. Steven Fullagar is the data protection officer at Healthy Balance. We will never pass your medical data on to a third party without your permission and only at your request. If you would like to receive copies of your notes or test results, please contact reception 01494 867272. There is a fee for this service. If your notes are held by the NHS your data will be treated in line with the same data protection regulations whilst in the building. 

Click this link to understand more

Website Cookies. What type of information does Healthy Balance collect?

Cookies are data analytics stored about a web user's visit to our site. Analytical data from cookies is collected through our website and this is used to improve user experience of the website and to understand where users are geographically based and what services are most useful to them.

Why does Healthy Balance collect such information?

We collect such non-personal and de-identified data for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate a relevant web user experience

  2. To provide our users with relevant services

  3. To create aggregated statistical data and other aggregated and/or inferred non-personal Information, which we may use to provide and improve our respective services 

  4. To comply with any applicable laws and regulations

  5. This data information has been commonly collected by websites for many years. New privacy legislation has been introduced to make sure that users know that their data analytic information can be traced and stored. It is not possible for us to run google analytics without the use of these platforms. 

How does Healthy Balance collect information?

If you send us a message through a contact form on this website, or when you subscribe to our newsletter via the website, we will collect your personal information. We do not track or gather personal information for any other use. You will not be contacted by us for advertising purposes unless you have asked to join your mailing list. ​


How does Healthy Balance communicate with visitors to the website?

We do not communicate with visitors to our website. The only reason we contact you is by email if you have asked to be part of our newsletter or marketing campaigns, or via Facebook. Additionally, if you are an existing patient, you may receive a letter to your home address if there is a material change in the governance of Healthy Balance Mediclinic, such as new management or if your current practitioner has moved to a different clinic. Furthermore, if you have booked an appointment at the clinic you will be notified by text or phone call as a reminder approximately 24-48 hours before the appointment is due to take place. Tell reception if you would like to opt out of reminders or change your contact preferences. 

How does Healthy Balance use cookies or other tracking tools?

Healthy balance tracks de-identified information through the use of cookies. We reserve the right to track additional personal analytical data in the future, by using other tracking tools such as, flash cookies and web beacons. Site users will be notified of any future changes to our privacy policy and cookie use policy and this will be detailed here. Although we may collect analytical data about how our site is used, Healthy Balance does not collect personal data unless you have inputted it into an email form or sign up window. Cookies are not used for the purpose of mailing lists or other advertisements unless with the explicit permission of the person inputting the data.  


How does Healthy Balance store, use, share and disclose site visitors' personal information?

Healthy balance does not share any data with any one else or sell your data. We do not track the IP address of site visitors, or their emails or any other personal data. Our website is hosted on the platform. provides us with the online platform that allows us to publish our services to you. Your data may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall. 

It's important to note that third-party services, such as Google Analytics or other applications offered through the Wix App Market, placing cookies or utilising other tracking technologies through Wix´s services, may have their own policies regarding how they collect and store information. As these are external services, such practices are not covered by the our Privacy Policy.

How can I withdraw my consent to Healthy Balance's use of cookies?

Healthy Balance site visitors can withdraw consent for their site analytical data being collected and can ask for it to be deleted. If you do not want us to process your data anymore, please contact us at or send us a letter to 51 High Street, Great Missenden, Bucks HP16 0AL


Privacy policy updates

We reserve the right to change or update our site's privacy policy at any time so please review it from time to time. If there has been a significant change we will note it here so that you can continue to be aware of what information we collect. We never disclose this digital information unless required by law.

Further questions and our contact details
Your data is used in google analytics but if you would like further information about the analytics data we have collected about you on this website or would like to have data deleted, please get in touch. 

See also Confidential health records at Healthy Balance

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