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For more than 15 years, Healthy Balance has been providing primary care to local residents and patients from the greater South Buckinghamshire region. Founded by Steven Fullagar in 2002, Healthy Balance is the result of an unwavering commitment to produce high quality healthcare not only for the times when patients are unwell, but to build strength, resilience and vitality at every age and stage of life. 
We are big supporters of the NHS and passionate about crucial public healthcare, but with the enormous growing demands on the current system we believe there is room for a credible, accessible and forward thinking healthcare alternative. In providing such an alternative we are able to relieve some of the pressures being experienced by talented doctors and consultants whose time and dedication to the needs of their patients is being stretched as never before; and in doing so assist in reducing the frustrations so many deserving patients have to endure.
At Healthy Balance we put doctors’ and patients’ needs at the forefront of what we do and openly encourage an equal practitioner-patient relationship. Our vision for a modern private healthcare system embraces the huge benefits and advantages today’s technology offers to doctors, patients and health care professionals alike. We work with systems that encourage accurate and timely decisions to be made across different medical specialisms – protecting our patients' wellbeing at all times. Our premises and protocols have been designed to provide our doctors’ and healthcare professionals with a work environment that is both conducive to good medical practice and convenient to those attending Healthy Balance.

We advocate preventative and effective healthcare as well as early intervention and accurate diagnosis being key components to the success of any healthcare system. We have witnessed first hand, the serious repercussions to patients of long hospital waiting lists and pressurised GP appointments. This coupled with consultants and specialists working in isolation rather than with peer support or collaboration, benefits no-one. We advocate healthcare practitioners working in clinical environments which protect and safeguard patients' needs. We adhere to a policy of transparency in our governance and put all profits back into patient services. Why? Because a healthy community benefits us all.

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